Polar Honored with Smart Rural Community Award

In 2016, we were proud to announce Polar Communications as one of 12 rural telecommunications providers in North America to be honored with the Smart Rural Community Showcase Award by NTCA —The Rural Broadband Association.  This award is based on advanced communications services and collaboration with local leaders in health care, public safety and education as keys to its success.

The NTCA Smart Rural Community initiative recognizes and celebrates the efforts of rural telecommunications providers and their communities to deliver technologies that make rural communities vibrant places in which to live and do business. The goal of the initiative is to foster the development of Smart Rural Communities throughout rural America by recognizing trailblazers and providing resources to assist broadband providers and connected industries.


What Makes A Rural Community Smart?

A smart rural community relies not only on high-capacity broadband connections, but also on teams of highly motivated and collaborative leaders-the people behind the technology. From manufacturers and application developers to telecommunications providers and, ultimately, the users who adopt and employ broadband-enabled services, it takes a lot of people to create a smart rural community, and encourage its continued development and evolution.

Partnering with our local community leaders will allow us to assist each other in providing the applications and platforms that we want available right here in our rural area.  For example, customized learning environments for students, dynamic healthcare infrastructure, precision farming, government resources, next-generation 911, tele-health, smart home networks, and modern utility networks are a reality in your community.

We are here to assist you with economic development.  Let us guide you to show potential business opportunities the infrastructure in your community that they demand.  We can help you bring new community members that want to work from home where they have access to a fiber network.  Taking classes online or telemedicine is possible through the bandwidth available in your town.