Phone Services

Local Phone

$22.50/month res.*
$25.50/month bus.*

Polar Communications provides local phone service to the following counties in North Dakota: Cass, Cavalier, Grand Forks, Griggs, Nelson, Pembina, Steele, Ramsey and Walsh. Polar Communications also provides service in the Minnesota counties of Kittson and Marshall.

Many options can be added to your basic local phone service through Polar Communications, including:

  • phone sales or lease options
  • accessory items
  • phone installation and service
  • inside wire maintenance
  • bank deduct bill payment
  • credit card bill payment
  • 24 hour trouble line
  • the official Polar Communications phone book
  • white page listings
  • yellow page listings
  • yellow page advertising
  • online statements using E-statement

We also have a variety of advanced calling features available:

  • call waiting
  • 3-way calling
  • auto recall
  • call forwarding
  • toll control
  • auto callback
  • speed calling
  • voice mail
  • caller id
  • priority ring
  • selective call rejection
  • selective call acceptance
  • preferred call forwarding
  • distinctive ring
  • anonymous call rejection
  • terminating call manager

Contact Polar Communication Sales or call us at 1-800-284-7222 for more information on pricing and availability in your area.
Please refer to our Service Area Map to see if you are within our phone service area.
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Voice Mail

*Plus federal and local taxes