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Traditional cable TV service is no longer available for new sign-ups or to resubscribe. Click here to see our new Streaming TV offerings.


Cable TV

Don’t miss a thing with Polar Cablevision — the ultimate cable TV experience. Catch all your favorite shows with up to 150 channels. Even better? You can choose a unique plan that fits your needs!

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Whether you’re on vacation, at the lake or traveling for business – As long as you have an Internet connection, you can stream your favorite programs and channels to your tablet, smartphone, laptop and other devices, from anywhere. This service is available at no extra cost to Polar Cablevision customers.

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DVR Service

A DVR or Digital Video Recorder allows you to digitally record programs to a hard drive for later viewing. You can play your stored programs as often as you like and control your TV with VCR-like functions, such as pause, rewind, and instant replay. You’ll never miss your favorite show again!

DVR Service and Receiver – $9.95/month
Whole-Home DVR – $3.95/month

Additional Rates For Cable TV

A $24.00/month network charge is required if you do not subscribe to broadband service. A $42.00/month network charge is required if you do not subscribe to voice or broadband service. Cable TV service requires a port charge of $3.95 per month. Equipment prices subject to change.

Closed Captioning

To report an immediate technical issue regarding closed captioning on your Polar Cablevision service, please contact Polar at 701-284-7221 or 1-800-284-7222


Written closed captioning complaints should be addressed to:
Polar Cablevision
Attn: Tony Hensel
PO Box 270
Park River, ND 58270
Phone: 701-284-7221 or 1-800-284-7222